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File (*.pdf) Size Description
PCR310 / MF5 RFID 293KB Mifare® Card Reader / Writer , Module
1 Wire RFID Reader 369KB
AC101 access control 1433KB Smart Ethernet Access Controller
AC903 access control 107KB Proximity Card Access Control Terminal
AC905 access control 140KB Magnetic Card Access Control Terminal
AC906 / PRW106 3450KB Cash Card Access Terminal & Cash Card Issuer / Programmer
AC908 RFID reader 693KB Cashless Card Payment
ACT810 Series 139KB Numerical PINpad with LCD Display with Card Reader
AMP600 RFID reader 227KB Advanced Smart Label RFID Reader/Writer
AMP800 390KB UHF RFID Tray Style Reader
ANT800 RFID antenna 366KB IP66 Rated UHF RFID Antenna
AUR720_TL10 584KB Promag UHF RFID Temperature Monitoring System
BCR250/200/ 128KB Slot Type Barcode Reader
CF117 RFID CF reader 361KB Animal RFID Reader CF Interface for PDA
CF122/PCR125&MFR135 215KB CF Interface RFID Reader module for PDA
CON100iB converter 129KB Muilti-Interface converter
CON232K converter 93KB RS232 to Keyboard emulation converter
CON485 converter 134KB RS232-RS422/485 Interface Converter
DF700/DF710 RFID 595KB Mifare DeSFire RFID Readers
DF750/760 RFID 2677KB Mifare DESFire Reader with RS232 or RS485 interface
DF750/760 RFID 2677KB Mifare DESFire Reader with RS232 or RS485 interface
DSP800 205KB DSP800 Customer Display ( VFD 20 columns x 2 lines )
DSP801/DSP802 697KB Desktop Customer Display
DSP820 119KB DSP820 LCD Graphic Customer Display
DSP830 273KB Special-Character Customer Display
DSP840 Series 56KB 20*2 VFD Customer Displays
DSP841D 97KB 4 digitals LED Display
DSP850 195KB DSP850 Double-Face/Single-Face Customer Display
DSP860 Series 112KB 20 x 2 VFD Mini Customer Displays
DSP865 171KB 20 x 4 VFD Customer Pole Display
DT105U/DT105R & PB10 132KB Cash Drawer Triggers & printer Beeper
DT205 518KB Promag Bluetooth Cash Drawer Trigger
ER750/ER755 reader 604KB Ethernet Mifare RFID Reader
FAT800Adata terminal 131KB Ethernet Data Terminal
FAT810 terminal 233KB Basic Programmable Ethernet Data Terminal
FL20 RFID reader 152KB Multi-Technology Reader
GP25 series reader 187KB New housing design RFID readers
GP60A RFID reader 126KB Powerful Extended Range Proximity Reader
GP8/GP20/GP30 reader 327KB ProxID Readers & Tags
GP90A RFID reader 225KB Advanced Long Range Proximity Reader
GPW100 RFID encoder 231KB 125KHz RFID Proximity Card/RFID Tag Encoder
GS1000A & GPC1000 137KB GUARDSCAN® & Printer Controller
GS1100 RFID reader 417KB New GuardScan® Guard /Patrol Tour Terminal
GS1100/GS120 reader 423KB New Mobile TR/GuardScan Guard Patrol Tour System
GS120 RFID reader 463KB Mini GuardScan RFID Guard Tour monitoring system
GS2000 GuardScan® 134KB Robust Metal Guard Tour Terminal
KB20 series 440KB USB Programmable Keyboard lineup
KB200 series 440KB USB Programmable Keyboard Lineup
KB200 series 440KB USB Programmable Keyboard lineup
KB200 series 440KB USB Programmable keyboard lineup
KB800 888KB USB Programmable Keyboard
KB840A 116KB KB840A 84-Key Programmable keyboard
KB980A 164KB POS Programmable keyboard
LBR300 RFID reader 108KB Mifare light box sector reader
MF7 RFID reader 215KB Mifare UID Reader
MF700 RFID reader 191KB Configurable Mifare® (MAD) Sector Reader
MFR120 196KB Portable Mifare RFID reader
MFR120 RFID reader 196KB Mobile Time Attendance
MFR200 196KB Portable Mifare RFID reader
MP310_MP315 360KB
MP320/325 370KB
MR2S_MF7S 330KB 1 Wire Mifare UID Reader
MSR123 116KB Magnetic Card Reader for PDA
MSR500/BCR300 325KB Mobile Time/Attendance Terminals
MSR500/BCR300 reader 325KB Mobile Time / Attendance Terminals / Portable Card Swipe Data Collection Terminal with Real Time Clo
PA2183/ 2713 module 439KB RFID Reader Modules
Patrol Manager 128KB GUARDSCANR Patrol Monitoring System
PCR120 196KB Mini Portable Proximity Reader
PCR120 RFID reader 196KB Mobile Time Attendance
PCR200 211KB Mini Portable Proximity Reader with LCD
PCR210 Series reader 299KB RFID Code Verifier Proximity Reader
PCR262/PCR940/PCR941 129KB RFID Proximity Readers with ABA TK2 Emulation
PCR300 WinLog 154KB Proximity Reader With PC System Security & Privacy Protection
PCR300F winlog 154KB Proximity Reader With PC System Security & Privacy Protection
PCR300FU POS Logon 286KB POS Logon PCR300 Proximity Reader for POS system Logon & Operator Identification
PCR320 reader/writer 2313KB Mifare DESFire Reader/Writer
PCR330 124KB HID-Enabled Proximity Reader
PCR330 RFID reader 96KB USB RFID Reader
PCR340 RFID reader 381KB Dual Frequency RFID Reader
PCR360 163KB Smart Label Reader\ISO15693 RFID reader
PDS200 PoE device 220KB Power over Ethernet Device Server
POSloq PCR300 286KB POS login Security & Privacy Protection System
PS200 PoE splitter 100KB Power over Ethernet Splitter
RF222 / MF222 module 130KB RFID Reader Module with 90mm MSR Housing Compatible
RF385 374KB
RWM600A RFID module 129KB ISO 15693 Smart Label Reader Module
SF500 /SF600 reader 1606KB SmaFinger Reader
SF620 fingerprint 2497KB SmaFinger ®Optical type Smafinger Rreader
SF650 fingerprint 653KB SmaFinger®Web base enabled fingerprint reader
SLR200 108KB Smart Label Configurable Block Reader\ISO15693 configurable RFID reader
SLR700 129KB Smart Label Reader\ISO15693 RFID reader
SLR800 Handheld 376KB UHF RFID Handheld Reader
TMR900 122KB TMR900 Dallas iButton Reader
TMR901 730KB Touch Memory Reader
TR4020/4030 recorder 345KB Time Recorder with Ethernet interface
TR4050 time recorder 134KB SmaFinger Advanced Time Recorder
TR4050 time recorder 134KB SmaFinger Advanced Time Recorder
TR510 time recorder 326KB Express Time Recorder
TR515E NetTime 100KB Online Time Recorder
TR515S time recorder 94KB Online Time Recorder
TR610 2808KB Programmable Time Recorder
UE600 319KB UHF tag/card encoder
UHF860 RFID reader 432KB 4 Ports Ultra High Frequency Reader
UHF870 417KB All in One UHF870 RFID Reader
UR110/ UR115 reader 518KB 125KHz Proximity Reader
UR220 RFID reader 936KB 13.56MHz Mifare RFID Reader
USB232/USB485 USB 185KB USB/Serial Port Smart Interface Converters
USB232K converter 452KB Serial to USB HID keyboard emulation converter
WEC200 converter 266KB Wiegand to Ethernet Controller
WEC200-01 controller 264KB Ethernet Access Controller
WM3000N RFID reader 2426KB New Patrol Tour Terminal


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